Back at It!

Hey guys! Apologies to my devoted followers for the ‘disappearing act’. Had a lot going on the past year, and blogging kind of took a back seat to other stuff. I’m happy to let y’all know I’m getting back in the saddle, and will begin catching up on all the tea stuff I’ve been collecting. The big news for now is that I’ve moved back to the US, and am working on setting up some tea classes and seminars in the States, while also developing the site here with more teas and tea wares to sell online. Fortunately, I’ve still got some good tea buddies in Taiwan, so we will be able to continue direct sourcing of Taiwan’s great oolongs, blacks, and greens for you. I’ll have more on that soon, as well as a Taiwan Tea Tour that we are organizing for next year in May or early June, in which we will be inviting tea enthusiasts from everywhere to join us in Taiwan to experience the amazing tea culture there first hand.

For today, I’d just like to catch up a bit on what’s been going on. I’m still getting myself settled in and have found quite a bit I need to do, starting with some yard work. We’ve moved back to the house I grew up in, which is very exciting for the teaboy. Over the summer, we’ve had a yard sale, taken out some shrubs in front, and cut down a tree in the back yard. Now that the weather here is turning colder, we’re focusing more on the inside, where I’m planning out my new tea room.


Here are a few photos of some of the work we’ve been doing:


The front yard:











Ready, set, . . .


GO !!!



The back yard:



Of course, it wasn’t all just hard work. We also had a yard sale, and naturally the teaboy wanted to help out. Since our iced tea sales last summer weren’t that good, we switched to KoolAid and homemade popsicles this time around. The economy must have been better this year because sales were definitely up!








I’ll also be adding some more ‘stuff’ from our summer, as well as catching up on organizing the 5G of photos from the past year of Taiwan activities I need to get on here as well, so expect more  tea-related material in the near future! Promise!







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    Looking forward to see that new tea room!

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