Local Scenery

On our trip to make Black Tea with Master Tsai, we took time out for a well-deserved break in Suei Li, a small farming community just south of Sun Moon Lake. Among other things, the town is famous for its ice cream, which we naturally just had to sample! 


I actually taught English at a vocational High School in Suei Li for a summer – the highlight of the program was me teaching the kids how to brew tea in English, complete with a competition judged by the principal and office staff! So, for me, it was a trip down memory lane. 


The great thing about small Taiwan towns is, you really never know what’s going to drive by! These little farm tractors are very popular, and while they may seem like glorified wagons, they are geared very low and can carry climb amazingly steep hills fully loaded.





We also took time to shop for some tea picking apparel. The sun can be very intense in Taiwan, so it makes sense to cover up as much as possible during the hotter hours of spring and summer.  In addition to tea pickers, street vendors and others spending time in the sun like to wrap up as much as possible. This shop had some rather colorful designs, and the ladies ended up buying hats to take home.




















I don’t really have a ‘thing’ for porta-potties – they just seem to show up in stories from time to time, like in my Potty Training post. This was a too good to resist photo opportunity. They built a frame over a run-off canal for convenience, but none of us were brave enough to give it a go!







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